About Us

Memory Tiles is an idea born out of the human wish to reconnect to our memories. For a long time, pictures have been the instrument to capture and convey memories. They not only link our past to the present, but also resurface the emotions from past moments.

The concept of Memory Wall is popular in many foreign countries. Dedicate a wall to your memories and add Memory Tiles to them as you encounter new life experiences and achievements worth a display. From a scientific and medical point of view, having a home decorated with your memories rejuvenates you and brings a joyous environment. Because ultimately it is only our memories that we take away with us.

Memory Tiles offer high quality, light-weight photo prints on 4”x4”, 8”x8” and 8”x12” Foam squares to define your own Interior Decoration style. Memory Tiles is the latest step towards personalizing Interior Decoration. Stick, remove, and rearrange the Tiles as much as you want, to create your own masterpiece. Use multiple Tiles to create a theme or a story, or spread a photo across numerous Tiles to create a bigger art piece. Set up a Memory Wall and add Memory Tiles as you encounter new experiences worth a display. It’s easy, it’s customizable, and most of all, it’s Fun. With Memory Tiles the creative possibilities are unlimited.

Product Features:

  • • UV Printed HD Quality Photos
  • • Imported Re-stickable adhesives
  • • Light-weight Photo Frames
  • • Personalized Layout
  • • 3D Look

Product Benefits:

  • • UV Printed HD Pictures retain their quality longer than any other pictures. Your memories remain fresh and vibrant throughout generations to come.
  • • No nails required to install Memory Tiles. Easily attachable through imported re-stickable adhesives. The adhesives make it possible to remove, arrange & rearrange the tiles as per your wish. You can create your personalized layouts. Re-stickable adhesives help to shift Memory Tiles so you can decorate any part of your house.
  • • Light-weight photo frames make it easy to transport. No damage caused to family members or property if the tile falls.
  • • Memory Tiles allows customization of your interior décor. Fill you house with your memories or choose pictures you like to create your own style of interior design.