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“Say Goodbye to Drills, Nails & Permissions to mount a Photo frame on your wall: Welcome to “Memory Tiles”.

“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.”

It’s where we eat, where the heart is and make memories with family & friends.
Such a home needs to be decorated with special memories which remind of all the good times spent there. A little nostalgia is always a sweet spot to have. Personal touches are what makes a house a home, and nothing does that quite as well as family photos and artworks. But finding ways to incorporate a photo display into an interior design can sometimes prove challenging. Colour schemes, other art pieces, and the overall design atmosphere must be considered, not to mention the images themselves.

As simple as it sounds, there is more to hanging a picture than meets the eye. The first challenge is locating a space to hang a picture and the next is the drilling and hammering a nail in the wall. If not done well, the picture would come crashing down, smashing the glass and the frame and more importantly crashing the entire experience of having a beautiful image in place. The craters of crumbling plaster all over the walls is not a great scene to have.

Build a memory wall to cherish all the memories made:

Creating a memory wall is a top décor pick in the US and is slowly getting on to the Asian countries as well. Who wouldn’t want to look at a vibrant picture of the near and dear ones and think “what a beautiful day that was!”. Memory walls are making an entry for the exact same reason: for its ability to make people bond over pictures. What more? The memory wall is the top suggestion by quite many home interior designers today. 

Because pictures bring memories alive and make the home vibrant & bright:

Memory walls keep the emotional quotient high and act as a stress buster. It is a popular choice and is a recommended practice to surround the house with positive vibes 
The traditional wooden and glass frames are one option to mount a memory wall at home, but there is a potential crack or break with such options, not to mention the tedious process of nailing the walls. Whether you want to decorate your house with family pictures, a pair of portraits or a painting without the hassles of leaving large punctures on those wax finished walls, a new range of stick-to-the wall Photo tiles (Memory Tiles) are the best option to consider. 

Wall-friendly, Photo Tiles to enhance the beauty of your Home- wall:

Memory Tiles are a very handy solution to all the frame problems and can be ordered to customise according to the home décor needs. The tiles are light-weight, sturdy and foam based, on which a picture of your choice is printed and door delivered. It is the most cost-effective option to make those home walls look aesthetic and alive.
Small, Big & Medium, these tiles come in sizes 4x4, 8x8 & 8x12 to define your hallway, kitchen 
or your bedrooms wall. Create an inspiring story and tell your travel tales. Let your photos speak and let them tell a story aloud!

Personalising Home Décor:

Stick, Remove, Rearrange. Using photo tiles is that easy really! Since the base has an adhesive that sticks to the wall, that makes arranging and re-arranging a fun activity.
Create a puzzle or a masterpiece is all up to your creativity!
Bring the artistic hats on and order your set of photo tiles today!
Follow us to know more about the top quality photo tiles available in the market and top décor ideas from Interior Designers.

           "It’s ultimately memories, that we cherish in life...Tile them and Display them”
          - Memory Tiles

Just send your pictures across via mail ([email protected]) or ping us via calling at the following numbers (+91 9248006612,+91 40 48516125) and we will get back to you as soon as we can. It is time to bring nostalgia back to life through Memory Tiles.