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The Best Way to Keep your Memories Alive!

Nostalgia is one of the most powerful feelings faced by the mankind. Nostalgia literally means homecoming. What a potent feeling it is to experience the exact emotion that you felt ages ago right at home?

When talking about nostalgia, touch and visuals are the two most important factors when it comes to reliving your memories! And experiencing memories the best way is all about recreating the environment you have lived in. Visually creating an environment is still the best way to bring back the memories and keep your existing memories for times to come! Images not only imprint on our minds better, but it is also now far easier than before to visually create memories with the massive advancement in digital technologies.

When introducing Memory tiles, we were sceptical of the potential of the market in India. This concept was a massive success in western countries but we weren’t sure if this would work out in a diverse country like India. Guess what? We found a huge excitement in young and old audience alike who loved the concept.

Memory tiles are all about you. We strive to create picture perfect tiles with UV print HD quality. Be it for an indoor or an outdoor setting, we have the best tools to make a tile that is a perfect fit and is tailored to your tastes. From what we have learnt over the years, we believe emotional quotient is vital for any memory and have potent tools with us that bring emotions to life. Memory tiles not only is a proven stress breaker, but it also contributes to making home a vibrant and a positive place built with memories.

How We Do It :

At Memory Tiles, we offer high-quality lightweight photo prints on 4*4, 8*8 and 12*12. We specialize in interior decoration and make the prints congruent with the colour and texture of the wall. With Memory Tiles you can not only personalize interior decorations, but you could also now create storyboards that depict the story of your life. Everything is customized and most importantly, simple to use when it comes to the tiles. You can stick, remove and rearrange the tiles as much as you want. 

Why buy a Mona Lisa when you can build your own art?

We believe in giving the creative liberty to you. We provide you with the tools to create your own art. All it takes are some good quality pictures that convey a story and you are good to go. You are unique. Every human is. You have travels and tales to tell. Tell us everything about you and we will create a story that denotes who you are. And if you could tell us snippets of your life that denote who you are as a person, even better. We take our inspiration from a variety of art styles and have a wide range of portfolio. 

Be your own Picasso:

Armed with a camera, you could now take snapshots that you want to cherish. In this age and time, you don’t need to have an artistic style or pen down a masterpiece. Just ping us with nature, environment and the emotion you want to express through your pictures and we will give you a masterpiece that portrays the essence of the moment.

Easy and Convenient:

Memory tiles is not only easy to make, But It is also convenient to place the tile on the wall, remove and modify. All of these could be done without damaging the wall or the physical environment. The tiles are light in weight, could be made 3D based and most importantly no nails. There would be no visible damage and the tiles are completely portable.

Preserving the Memories:

In an age of Instagram, Snapchat and a medley of photo-based apps that let people modify images without using any external tool like photoshop, it is now easier than ever to preserve photos that you could bring to life later without any sort of technical comprehension.


The feedback we got from our users unequivocally points towards a future where people could bring images to life. In a digital world where every image and memory exists online, it is refreshing to bring memories that people could touch and feel. And these were users who were young and tech-savvy. We are really witnessing a sea change in how people in how people view relationships and experience nostalgia (physical to digital and back to physical). We would love you to be a part of this change. It is time to leverage the benefits of tiles with memories. What are you waiting for?

Just send your pictures across via mail ([email protected]) or ping us via calling at the following numbers (+91 9248006612,+91 40 48516125) and we will get back to you as soon as we can. It is time to bring nostalgia back to life through Memory Tiles.?